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How to crack the SSC-CGL exam in the first attempt?

Every year lac of students applies for the SSC-CGL exam to get a government job. But specific number of applicants is selected. Since the competition is quite higher due to the increasing number of applicants, the candidates need to focus more and prepare fully. In this handy guide, we have covered useful daily tips to crack the SSC-CGL exam in a single attempt. If you are looking forward to giving the SCC-CGL exam this year, this is for you.

Create and follow a solid study

For cracking the SSC-CGL exam, consistency highly matters, which means the students have to create a solid study plan. This study plan includes the latest examination pattern and detailed syllabus. Students have to follow a proper strategy and a time table for all subjects. A good study plan should be customized to suit your daily routine. The purpose of the study plan is to practice a specific subject daily.  Initially, go through the whole syllabus described in the SSC-CGL exams. Get a clear overview and determine all relevant topics. Skipping the syllabus may lead to study irrelevant topics and waste your crucial time. Remember, you have a limited time. So, plan it well and start your preparation.

Get the right book for every subject. For instance, if it is quantitative aptitude, Arihant’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic and Quantitative aptitude by RS Aggarwal are good choices. For reasoning ability, Kiran’s SSC Reasoning, Reasoning by RS Aggarwal, A New Approach to REASONING Verbal & Non-Verbal by Arihant are great. For English, Objective General English by SP Bakshi (Arihant), Kiran’s SSC CGL Tier I & Tier II Exam 2010-2017 Solved Papers – English, Quick Learning Objective General English RS Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal are considered good. And for general awareness, Manorama Yearbook 2018 (English) and Lucent’s General Knowledge can be chosen.

Practice previous year question paper

The previous year question paper will give an idea of how the examiners prepare the question paper. Also, previous year’s question papers help improve your accuracy and speed. Solve as much as previous year’s questions. Regular practice is a key to achieve a higher score in the SSC-CGL exams. Also, give you online mock tests, which help you solve questions paper quickly online as SSC-CGL exams will be conducted online. Choose the study material carefully for the exams and pick the good books only for SSC-CGL exams.

Develop reading habits to improve your knowledge and English

Develop a daily reading habit will help you prepare for General Awareness (GA) & General Knowledge (GK), and English Language & Comprehension. Read newspapers and magazines and watch news channels to keep your general knowledge updated. Reading newspapers is great, but along with it, you should also prefer to read featured stories, business magazines, editorials, etc., which will develop reading and comprehension skills. It is also important to practice online passages and literature on your computer, as most SSC-CGL exams are conducted on the computer.

Make and revise your notes.

Keep a notebook and note down all important facts in different sections. For instance, important facts and dates for GA & GK sections, new word-meaning for English language & comprehension section. Revise these notes regularly to memorize dates and facts. Revision is the crucial part of your preparation. Also, revise all covered topics to ensure your hard work is paid off. Revision clarifies your doubts and improves your speed and accuracy, which results in increased self-confidence.


Practice all relevant topics as more and more possible. Give more time to your weak areas and nominal time to your strong areas. Practice will help reduce the possibility of errors at the time of solving questions and increase your speed. It is very important to maintain consistency in the practice and study. Always do one thing at a time with complete focus. Ensure you study away from all distractions. Remember, hard work always beats talent. If you are willing to work in the right direction, it will surely paid off.

 Strengthen your weak points

Students need to divide the whole syllabus into four sections and start preparing the important topics. These important topics can include more frequently asked questions in SSC exams. List down all important topics and analyze your strong and weak points. Then, focus on your weak points by spending more time on them.

Take a much-needed break

While preparing for the SSC exam, you may feel stressed, lethargic, and bored. Frequently take a break to relax and refresh your body and mind. During this break, you can meditate, exercise, deep breaths, listening to music, or do something that you love to do the most. We suggest you adopt any of these activities to cope with stress. Also, these activities will help you maintain your physical and mental health.

Keep off distracting elements

During your preparation, using social media sites can waste your huge time, decrease your focus, waste your energy, and ultimately affect your entire preparation. In short, you cannot afford to waste time on these distracting elements. If possible, quit from the social media sites until you don’t give the exam. However, you can use Youtube to study online. We suggest you only stick with the study videos; otherwise, it may become more distracting than beneficial. So, it is highly recommended to limit your social media use.

Believe in yourself

Last but not least, never lose hope in yourself. We suggest you stay motivated and think positively, not how others are doing. If possible, have read inspirational short stories in your spare time and boost your self-confidence. Your self-confidence must be reflected during your SSC-CGL preparation. While preparing for the exams, many moments will come when you feel dejected and low.

Don’t let such a moment overpower you. Take a nine break, go outside, listen to your favorite music, and rejuvenate your mind. SSC-CGL exams test your patience and consistency. So, you have to be consistent throughout your preparation. This way, you are supposed to crack the SSC exams in the first attempt.

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